Reflex Integration Therapy

Every single neuro-typical person develops the same, when there is a break in development such as complications during pregnancy or birth, or missing out crawling and going straight for walking, the brain misses crucial development stages, we develop so quickly that the brain doesn't have the opportunity to re-visit these missed stages and this is when neuro-diversity occurs. 

Through the Brainbuzzz programme we manually repeat each of the development stages and rewire the brain which reduces and sometimes completely removes sensory challenges associated with neuro-diversity.

    What we help with;

  • ADHD

  • ADD

  • ASD

  • OCD

  • Dyslexia

  • Dyscalculia

  • Dyspraxia

  •  Irlen Syndrome

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Mutism

  • Late Bedwetting

  • Aspergers

Through the use of gentle exercises we reduce and sometimes totally remove symptoms such as anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, sensory issues such as fabrics, food taste and texture, light sensitivity, audio distortion, clumsiness, hyperactivity, sleep problems, balance and co-ordination. poor memory, communication, logic, emotional withdrawal and much more.

Steps And Prices

  • Telephone consultation to establish yours or your child's challenges and to answer any questions you may have about the programme. Allow 30 minutes - 1 hour this is part of the pre-screening process.

  • Screening consultation at my home in Stowmarket Suffolk. This is where I measure the nerve input to the brain, if the information the brain is receiving is distorted then the output will also be distorted, Allow 1.5-2 hours - Screening cost £300

  • Exercises practised daily at home - Some people will be able to whizz through the sets in a few minutes, some will take longer. This will be discussed during the screening once we have established which neurological connections require work.

  • Follow up appointments at roughly 6 week intervals. Allow an hour for each session costs  £100

  • There are on average 4 - 5 follow up appointments spanning 6 months to a year, longer if required.

  • I provide email and phone support throughout the programme where needed.

*The follow up appointments come after you or your child has completed one of the 5 sets of exercises, each set is designed to mimic an early years development stage, i.e. pre-birth - 7 years of age, once a set has been mastered a follow up appointment will be booked and we'll move to the next stage.*

***Payment plans available where necessary, discount available when bulk booking appointments***