How universal energy affects us on a daily basis

Updated: May 2

This blog is a little bit different to the ones I usually write; Normally, I stick to more mainstream topics, but having been really low on energy the last few days and speaking to others who have felt the same, I thought I would give a little insight into the planets and how they can affect us.

The last few days I have been so lethargic as well as feeling sluggish and ill at ease; I’ve needed to retreat and if I didn’t know better I’d have said I was depressed; My son has been the same and I didn’t tally the two up; The answer to this lack of energy and total fatigue is the planets'; retrograde season and the daily fluctuations in cosmic energy. For the last 18 months if not longer I have been receiving a daily energy forecast; Some people like to look at the daily weather forecast to decide what plans to make, what clothes to wear etc… The daily energy tip off gives you insights into why you may be feeling a particular way.

Some days you wake up chomping at the bit and raring to go, everything runs smoothly and you feel accomplished by the end of the day, going to bed feeling warm and fuzzy, where as other day’s you wake up feeling terrible and not wanting to do a thing; Everything goes wrong and it’s an achievement to get dressed with your clothes on the correct way round. Have you ever wondered why this is? I know I certainly did.

If you consider that everything is energy in our universe and that we are all interconnected, which is why when things like the coronavirus pop up, we all feel some form of fear or we feel disjointed, this is what is known as feeding into the collective consciousness. When a large group of individuals, the collective, feel fear or joy at the same time we all feel it to some degree, those who are more sensitive are more susceptible to this energy and can start to see patterns emerging; When we truly start to pay attention it’s eye opening, or maybe it’s awakening!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been in a retrograde - free period of time; The planets have all been direct. Simply put retrograde is where a planet appears to be going backwards, it's an optical illusion relevant to the position of earth. From our vantage point here on Earth it would appear that a retrograde planet does a loop-de-loop, going back on itself before carrying on as it was before; it's like when you're on a train and the one on the platform next to you starts moving and you're not sure if it's you who's moving or the other train.

Planetary retrogrades nudge you towards an empowered journey of personal development. As humans we are made up of many layers; Retrogrades allow you to dig deeply through those layers and uncover who you have the potential to be but, as with any type of personal development it can be challenging, and it takes effort to push through the resistance that change is almost always guaranteed to bring, especially when that change hasn't been initiated by you.

The first of 4 of the 9 known planets in our solar system has just gone retrograde, which is something I attribute this low personal energy to. Pluto is currently listed as a dwarf planet (not a real planet) in modern astrology, this celestial body is considered the driving force behind the great internal transformations and regeneration; in addition, it is associated with power, sexuality and emotional control. This planet encourages us to look at our shadow side, or the dark side of our personality, this isn’t a bad thing this is about balance and integrating our often hidden talents and in particular this retrograde asks us to consider where we are placing our personal power.

My knowledge on astrology is patchy therefore I won’t go into details about the lessons that the upcoming retrogrades of Saturn, Venus and Jupiter will bring in this post, it is important to see past any negative connotations of retrograde, this is a time for deep healing and personal growth, how can that be a negative? It is equally important to pay attention to any reoccurring themes during the coming months, this is where journaling can become your friend, it gives you a record of where you’ve come from and offers clues as to where you could potentially grow and develop.

Something you won’t find on my coaching and therapy page is my other business which is crystals and mineral. I work with the metaphysical healing properties of stones and have done so for several years, I have had some empowering experiences with stones during my time working with them which is why I continue to incorporate their energy into my own healing practice as well as guiding others to their ideal stones;

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