Energetic Clearing - Part 2

Inner energy work Clearing personal energy

Energy is everything, we are made of energy, everything we have ever encountered within our short lives has altered our energetic field, sometimes for a moment and sometimes forever, sometimes it's good for us and sometimes it isn't, the intent of this blog post is to share some ways for you to take control of your personal energy and feel empowered as a result.

There are many ways to re-claim your energy and the best place to start is by going within, and having a clear out of the old, a personal spring clean if you like.

In my last blog I set you the challenge of scanning everything you own, which undoubtedly raised some mixed emotions and memories. How was that for you? Were you surprised at how much you released or shocked at how little you needed to shed? Either way, how do you feel now? This week we will focus on clearing away outdated energy relationships and start to repair any energetic leaks these past experiences may have caused.

“It's left it's mark” is a phrase that most of us are familiar with, and when we use this combination of words we are referring to energetic attachments from the past. An energetic leak is where a cord of attachment from a memory, an event or a particular person has “left it's mark” and that mark, that leak can be repaired in such a way that we draw strength from the experience going forwards.

All too often we seek a quick fix outside of ourselves, whether it's through addictions, or passing the responsibility of being “fixed” to another person, the only way to heal permanently is to go within and take a look at what can be cleared away and by clearing away the old you make room for the new and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and who you truly are in this world.

With this in mind I encourage you to take the time to meditate, you can do this on the physical things that you cleared out, or you can close your eyes and see where you are taken on this part of your healing journey.

Start with closing your eyes, take a few deep breaths and then imagine that you have stepped out of your body and are viewing yourself from a short distance away. As you observe your body you will see threads of energy emerging from you, pay attention to what they look like, what colour are they? What shape are they? Are they delicate and thin, or are they heavy and chunky like a chain? Do they link to any of the objects you cleared away last week?

These strands all tell a story, the story of where your energy has gone in the past, whatever feelings and emotions arise from this exercise, just allow yourself to watch and observe this past version of you, know that you are completely safe as you explore each strand. Focus on one strand and follow it back to its source of origin, when you have reached this point you are able to simply unhook the cord that connects you to the past, at this point, you can look upon more strands in the same way or bring yourself back to conscious awareness, where you are then able to document your experience in your journal.

By disconnecting these old cords you are reclaiming your power and you're protecting your precious life force energy from those who have continued to drain you, it is time to shine bright like the warrior you were born to be. And to make this process a little easier I have a lovely guided meditation on my YouTube channel, remember to subscribe for future meditations.

Brightest blessings for the week ahead.