Energetic clearing : Part 1

Spring cleaning brings such a sense of achievement, that feeling when you sit down after finishing and you look around feeling proud of your hard work, remembering how only a few hours ago you were amidst chaos as you pulled everything down and out to clean, tidy and organise, at which point you start to question your sanity as everything looks so much worse now you've begun... What have I done you may ask yourself, whilst gently rocking in the corner eyeballing the next pile of “stuff ”to organise.

It's easy to see the benefit in these bursts of productivity, but how easy is it to clean up after ourselves energetically? And is it something you've actually considered? What if I told you that every single encounter you have ever had in your life, still remains? Every object you own, every relationship you have ever been involved in, every memory and experience all leaves a universal signature and that signature is energy.

Whilst energy connects and uplifts us, it also has the capacity to drag us down and damage us, which is why it's important to cleanse ourselves and cut ties to that which no longer serves us. Very much like a spring clean, it can feel overwhelming during the process, sometimes it can feel like cramming the crap back into the cupboard and closing the door would be the best option, however, we know that things often get worse before they get better, and with that in mind the energy and effort we expend clearing up after ourselves is more than worth it.

Where and how do you begin a process like this though? Personally I would start with the things you can physically see, if you haven't done any type of energy work in the past, working on the visible is far easier than working on the invisible, and it's totally transferable to the inner energy work which I will delve into in my next blog.

Start by sitting down in a room of your home, scan all the objects around you and I can almost guarantee that at least one item will jump out at you... Hopefully not literally... Regardless of whether it jumps mentally or physically ask yourself how it makes you feel, if it's anything less than amazing ask yourself why you still have it and if it prompts a deeper reaction or reminds you of difficult times then take this reaction as your universal nudge to have a clear out and de-clutter.... And in certain cases destroy, or throw into a deep lake like I did *chuckles.

As we get older we inevitably collect more things, whether those things are gifted to us or purchased by us, our emotions towards them can change as they do hold energetic significance, like I said above I have been known to throw such objects away permanently so that they don't effect the energy within my home and cannot affect others via donation....And sometimes you borrow things and never want to return them, they hold such a deep affectionate energy, the only logical thing to do is to hide these items away from the original owner when they visit, if they happen to ask for it back without seeing the item, then consider yourself busted and try not to sulk too openly as you hand it back to them.

Sometimes when we scan our space, you will see an item and it will prompt such a strong reaction the only logical thing to do is to obliterate it.... Permanently. I was gifted a crystal back in 2018, this isn't unusual as I also own a crystal shop, I placed it within my living area and forgot about it for several months, it became a part of my collection and a part of my space, sometime later my ex and I realised that the energy in the house was “off” and was having a negative effect on our relationship. We did several scans and cleared away various objects with distasteful energy and we still hadn't got to the root of the problem, so we looked at the nature of the energy imbalance, i.e. how the energy was making us act, and where items had come from and we realised that the crystal I had been gifted hadn't really resonated with either of us, so we decided to do the ultimate cleanse (for crystals, don't try this with the kids) and buried the stone in the back garden for a full lunar cycle, when this didn't work, I took the stone and threw it into the middle of a rather deep lake, where it could no longer affect anyone and it worked a treat, I’ve had no more of those particular problems. Or the time we took great delight in burning a 6 foot tall chest of antique draws, that had belonged to a nasty ex... Oh how those flames danced in the dark night sky, the feeling of liberation that comes from such a finite act isn't just from the destruction of the item, but also the destruction of the bond to the person, a release like this is phenomenal and is one of the key points of energy clearing.

This week I challenge you to scan everything you own, whether it's at home, at work, in your car or even on your Facebook wall, scan it all and de-clutter what you no longer need, the more brutal you are the bigger the reward, consider this act to be making way for the new in your life.

Here is a list of what to consider when you are scanning your physical items;

~ How does the item make you feel?

~ What memories does it raise for you?

~ Why do you have the item? (Sentimental V Necessity)

~ Is it worth keeping, selling or donating?

~ Do you want anyone else to have this energy in their home?

~ Are you ready to let go? If you're not sure, what do you gain by holding on / throwing away?

When it comes to social media;

~ Friends, are they actually friends, would you invite the person into your home?

~ Memories, are they positive? Do you want to remember it next year, the year after and so on?

~ Pages and groups, are you an active member? do you just scroll past every time they come up?

Sometimes you'll feel resistance to getting rid of something our advice is to put it in a box and consider it another day, see if you feel any clearer in a week or 2 and take it from there, you could even write a pro's and cons list if you feel it would clarify things for you. In the meantime have a wonderful week and have fun scanning your visible objects, do let us know how you get on in the comments below.

The bigger the resistance, the bigger the breakthrough, if you would like help to release yourself from energetic resistance please feel free to contact me, energy is a language I understand very well and I’m more than happy to help guide you.