Neuro-diversity Coaching

I see so much anxiety and overwhelm in autistic women, and quite often they aren't even aware that they are autistic. If you've been feeling high levels of anxiety and depression, if you have problems with sensory processing such as bright lights and noises hurting you, if you've felt like an outsider all of your life and haven't known why, if you have uncontrollable rage or shutdown completely, then maybe just maybe this is a neurological wiring problem and one that I am very much geared up to help with. 

I am able to draw from my own experiences and my professional training to guide and support you on your journey of empowerment, sharing the tools that will elevate you and aid your transformation, giving you more control and setting boundaries that suit you and your needs. One of my biggest dislikes is seeing strong women feeling like crap because the world she lives in isn't geared up to deal with her special out of the box mind, with my help, you can learn how to live without masks and use you new skills to develop yourself into the person you are truly meant to be.