Energy Alignment

Our energy field also known as our aura acts like a magnet, collecting and storing our life experiences, which forms a blueprint for which we live and act by. Even before you are born you are creating your blueprint, energy is all around us it's everywhere, it has the capacity to make us feel amazing and it can also leave us feeling drained and lethargic, playing havoc with our emotions and making us wonder how our mood changed so drastically for no apparent reason.


Aligning your energy can help you to release low energy emotions such as fear, guilt, blame, overwhelm, stress and repetitive thoughts or beliefs. Once you release what held you back, you then choose to create and embody a new feeling, thought, belief, pattern or emotion.  As you start to tune in and master your own energy, you’ll feel more empowered, able to change what you think and how you feel. As the effects ripple out, you’ll create more harmony in your relationships, and experience more love, happiness, joy and freedom in your everyday life.