Hi I’m Nicky and I am a neurodevelopment specialist, I work with individuals who are on the autism spectrum and those with ADHD from my home in Suffolk, England and worldwide via zoom. Through a gentle movement based programme, I help kids and adults to re-wire their brain, which creates new connections within the brain that aren’t automatically there in neurodiverse people. The programme I use has a profound knock on effect, reducing anxiety, depression, angry outbursts, sensory challenges, sleeping problems, being in public spaces, bed wetting and so much more.


Did you know that noises and lights can be physically painful for those with autism? I can help with that.


Did you know that food fussiness in autistic and adhd individuals are often sensory based? I can help with this too.


The majority of autism information is geared towards parents with autistic kids, which is great, but those autistic kids grow up to be autistic adults, and a huge percentage of females with autism have simply slipped under the radar, mostly due to their incredible talent of masking. Did you know that the majority of autism research has been conducted on males, and females display very differently to boys and men, this has led to many females being misdiagnosed with mental health conditions such as bipolar, PTSD, depression and anxiety.


It is my goal to shine a light on female autism and help those who are struggling regardless of age, there is a distinct lack of awareness around autism in girls and adult women, this means that there is a lack of support and I would like that to change.


Through coaching and therapies tailored to each individual client, I’ll teach you how to take back control and to step into your power. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then I would love to hear from you and invite you to contact me.